Facts About Teenage Dating

Information courtesy of The Nebraska Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Rivervision, National Crime Prevention Council, AIMS Media, Reaching and Teaching Teens, Bradley Angle House and The Arkansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence.
  • 51% of teens who witness domestic violence in the home will engage in similar relationships.
  • 1 out of 3 high school students have or will be involved in a violent relationship.
  • Up to 60% of teens are in an abusive dating relationship before high school graduation.
  • 25% of teens tell no one about the abuse, 66% of teens tell a friend, and 26% tell a parent.
  • Teen dating violence most often takes place in the home of one of the partners.
  • 25% of students have experienced physical violence in their dating relationships.
  • 61% of teens said the violence happened more than once.
  • 25-35% of teens equate jealousy, possessiveness & violence with love.
  • 95% of the time the abuser is male.
  • 86% of rapes are committed by someone the victim knows.
  • 11% of females are raped by a boyfriend; 78% of teens do not tell their parents and 71% of teens do tell a friend.
  • 63% of males ages 11-20 who are doing time for homicide have killed their mother’s abusive partner.
  • 60% of all runaways at youth shelters were abused by their parents.

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