• “My experience at Women and Children First was a helpful and wonderful experience. The staff members were amazing and really helpful when it came to my needs and any resources that I needed. I was able to use those resources to get out on my own. I now have my own place and am starting my new life.”

  • “Women and Children First has not only given me and my children a safe place to stay, they have showed me how to depend on myself for my own happiness. I have been afraid to live my life for many years but now Women and Children First has changed my outlook on life. I know my self-worth and I will not settle for anything but the best for my children and I.

    Thank you Women and Children First for being there when I needed someone to show me that I deserved to be safe and happy.”

  • “I am a victim of domestic violence.I was in the Women & Children First Shelter twice due to physical, mental, and emotional abuse from my partner of several years who is also the father of my children.

    I’ve been through a lot with him, from threats to kill me and my children, to chasing me in public, to begging and crying for forgiveness. I have left and returned home several times. Most recently, I made that choice because my abuser told me he was awarded custody of one of my children and he was coming with the papers to get him. I found out later this was not true.

    Since being at the Shelter I have learned that the abuse is not my fault and it’s okay to ask for help. We were forced to leave everything behind so the help that we got from the staff at WCF with clothing, food, and hygiene products was all provided. Anything they didn’t have at the Shelter, they helped us find resources to get.

    The staff at the Shelter are wonderful, and while you think you’re weak and think you can’t get help or can’t move, the staff is strong for you and it helps you empower yourself and they help you feel strong.

    Today, I feel like I can do it. I have beautiful children who are safe and I have hope for the future. I finally feel safe for once in my life. Before coming into the shelter I felt like I had no hope, and no one, but today I am taking the next step in my life and I know that my children and I will be okay.”

  • “I have been a victim of domestic violence since I was a child. From parents to spouses, my entire life has consisted of horrific situations of abuse.

    If it were not for the ability to listen, the compassion shown to me, and understanding provided by the staff at the Shelter, I would be nothing more than another statistic living in daily fear.

    The staff at Women & Children First are far more than advocates; they are angels, allowing each client who walks through the front door the chance of achievement. With guidance and empowerment, we as guests gain much more than anyone could possibly ask for: our dignity and our self-worth.”


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