Meet Angela, WCF Peacekeeper

Angela Strauss joined the Peacekeepers in 2015. Like many of the PKs, she was recruited by Tiffany and Daniel Robinson. While working with Tiffany at Barbara/Jean, she heard a lot about WCF, the Peacekeepers, and the events that they put on. So, she decided to check out the Peacekeepers.

Once she began to learn more about WCF, she was very struck by how prevalent domestic violence is. “Statistically, 1 in 3 women are going to be victims of domestic violence at some point,” said Angela. “I’ve also learned that a victim may go back to their abuser an average of seven times before finally leaving. The empowerment model that the shelter follows has shown that WCF has fewer repeat guests, which means that it is working and we are helping to break the cycle of violence and lower those statistics.” She also knows that there is still a stigma that is often associated with victims of domestic violence, and the Peacekeepers do an important job by spreading awareness about domestic violence in the community. “Seeing the women in the shelter gives a face to those statistics and has made me realize the importance of the work that we are doing. Once you hear the guests’ stories, it breaks down the stereotypes and erases the stigma that may have been there. Hopefully, the PKs can be a positive force in our community to help erase this stigma so that more women can get the help they need.”

Angela has volunteered in every aspect as a Peacekeeper – helping in the Gentle Jungle (WCF’s Childcare), coming to holiday parties at the shelter, and being on the fundraiser committees. In 2016, she co-chaired Pop Up Shop and is going to be the 2017 event chair. While she loves all of the events and activities, she is most proud of Pop Up Shop. “I have spent countless hours each year getting ready for the event, and it is awesome to see how it has grown. What started out as an idea in a parking lot has grown into an annual event that contributes significantly to WCF.”

To find out more about the Peacekeepers and how you can join Angela in advocating for WCF, visit their webpage or email Jen Spore, Membership Chair.

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