Meet Chandler, WCF Peacekeeper

When Chandler Wise was in college at Lee University in Tennessee, the university required 80 hours of volunteer work in order to graduate. This led Chandler to volunteer for disaster relief efforts in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. “Volunteering during that time, really put into perspective the importance of serving others, especially in crisis situations,” Chandler said. So when he was asked by some friends to join the Peacekeepers, he immediately said yes.

Chandler was familiar with WCF, having attended events such as Vegas on the Rocks, for several years before becoming connected with the Peacekeepers. His friend and current Peacekeeper, Bryan Spriggs, shared with him about the Peacekeepers and recruited him to officially join. Since joining about a year ago, Chandler has been very active in volunteering at the shelter and for special events. “I have really enjoyed volunteering at the shelter for the Christmas Party, Valentine’s Day, and Easter, as well as helping out in the Gentle Jungle with the kids once a month,” Chandler said. Chandler is also currently serving on the committee for Caribbean Cabaret, the Peacekeepers’ spring fundraiser. When asked what he likes most about the Peacekeepers, Chandler replied, “The passion and enthusiasm to serve others is real and contagious! You will find so many of the PKs volunteering in many different ways in their communities, truly working to make Little Rock a better place.”

Chandler works as the Communications Specialist for the Commissioner of State Lands Office. In addition to his role as a Peacekeeper, Chandler volunteers for Easterseals Arkansas and Zanmi of Hope Rising. For more information about how you can join Chandler as a Peacekeeper, visit their website or contact Jen Spore, PK Membership Chair, or Leigh Ann Lanaux, WCF Development Associate.

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