Meet Jessica – WCF Peacekeeper

Jessica Sorg has been a part of the Peacekeepers since 2010. She was invited by a friend to the Fall Membership Drive and when she heard about how this small group of young professionals was doing so much for a local organization, she knew she wanted to join. She quickly joined the planning committee for the 2010 Vegas on the Rocks and has been hooked ever since! Jessica has served as a co-chair for Vegas on the Rocks in addition to being a part of the committee each year, volunteered for shelter parties, and works to spread the PKs mission to anyone who will listen. She currently serves on the Executive Committee as the Secretary.

Jessica is an Arkansas native, raised in Pocahontas, AR. She moved to Central Arkansas when attending UCA where she graduated with a B.S. in Health & Science. She works as the Director of Underwriting at Legacy Capital Group, where she has worked for 11 years. She is married to the love of her life, Blake, and has two girls, Oliva and Gwenyth. Their family loves the outdoors and are constantly going on off the grid adventures.

When asked what stands out to her about being a Peacekeeper, Jessica said, “One of the best parts is there is a job for you within our organization with any skill set! You don’t have to be great at asking for money or donations. Maybe you are better with organization, or playing with the children at the shelter. We have such a variety of people in our group and I’m thankful I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work with each of them.”

Since Jessica has been a part of the PKs for several years, she has a lot of great memories and moments that have stood out to her. But one moment that has stuck in her mind happened this Spring at the annual Easter Egg Hunt. Jessica was helping one of the moms gather her kids and get seated for lunch. As they were being seated, the mom told Jessica that she wanted to sit with her back to the wall because she felt safer that way. Jessica gently touched her shoulder and reminded her that she was safe at the shelter, and that the WCF family had her back now. “To walk around life wondering what would happen if you turned your back is something I cannot image,” Jessica said. “But that day, I hope she understood that it wasn’t required of her anymore.”

To find out more about how you can join Jessica and the other PKs, visit their webpage.

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