Meet Ed & Connie – WCF Board Members

Ed and Connie Bennett have been involved with Women and Children First for many years. It all started when Ed was approached by Cindy Murphy and Lila Ashmore – this dynamic duo had him persuaded to join the cause pretty quickly. He recalls that it is not as if you can say ,”No” to those ladies. He served 2 terms on the Board and is now on the advisory Board for WCF.

During Ed’s term on the Board, Connie started volunteering at the WCF childcare program. She brought art projects and snacks for the children. Connie’s best memory from working with the children is from a day when she was helping the kids with a simple art project. When one of the mothers picked up her child, she was so excited about the art project. She asked, “Can I take it with me?” She said it was the only art she had from this child. In this moment, Connie realized the mother had most likely left her home with very little to escape the abuse. This mom, and so many of the guests, don’t have their children’s school art projects and other mementos mothers love to accumulate. Connie continued to volunteer at WCF and became a board member after Ed’s terms ended. She currently serves on board.

Ed has served in many capacities for WCF. He has even been known to tie chair bows for the annual Women of the Year Gala. The most moving moment for Ed was at a graduation ceremony for the women at the shelter. They are presented a very special necklace that is designed for the graduates of the program. Seeing the graduates receive their necklaces was a very emotional moment for him. It made him realize how strong these women had become because they were empowered by the programs at WCF.

Ed is a senior VP at Regions Insurance in the personal lines department. He also serves on the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra Board, Arkansas Repertory Theatre Board and the Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Research Center Board. Connie serves on the ACH Auxiliary Board as the chair of the Star Achievers program. She also volunteers for the Ronald McDonald House and the Governor’s Mansion Association.

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