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Tiffany and Daniel Robinson were part of the inaugural group of Peacekeepers and have been involved with WCF ever since. Both are from families who taught them, by example, that giving back to the community is a normal part of everyday life. So when Tiffany and Daniel got married, there was never the question of if they were going to give back, but who they would like to support. Over the years, they have been involved with quite a few local non-profit organizations, but WCF has had a special place in their hearts for several years now.

Tiffany and Daniel became involved with the Peacekeepers when the group was being formed about 8 years ago. They had previously been a part of several other young professional groups in Little Rock and knew what had worked well and what didn’t! Tiffany’s mom, Cindy Murphy, was a WCF Board member at the time, so they were familiar with the organization but not well versed on the subject matter of domestic violence. The more they learned about the services offered by WCF, as well as the success stories, the more impressed they were. Daniel ended up serving on the Board of Directors for WCF and chairing the board for 3 years. Tiffany currently serves on the Board of Directors and is also still a Peacekeeper. The couple has hosted the spring fundraiser, Caribbean Cabaret, at their home for the past several years, and Tiffany is thrilled to be co-chairing the event with fellow PK Julia Grundy this year.

When asked why they continue to give their time to WCF,  Tiffany said “We love being involved because it is an organization that not only changes the lives of the people it serves, but it changes generations for years to come. We are able to witness the cycle of domestic violence ending, one family at a time. And that feels good!”. Daniel added, “The more you learn about WCF, the more you will realize how efficiently and effectively we are changing lives”.

Tiffany, a Little Rock native, works as the Merchandise Manager for Barbara/Jean Ltd. Daniel was born and raised in Fort Smith, but moved to Little Rock after meeting Tiffany at Hendrix College, their alma mater. He works for Arvest Bank as a Vice President – Regional Investment Officer.

WCF is grateful for all that Tiffany and Daniel have given over the years and are thankful for their leadership and dedication to The Peacekeepers!

To find out more about The Peacekeepers and how you can be a part of this amazing young professionals group, contact Caitlyn Mason, Peacekeeper President.

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